About Us

About Us
Little did we know that our All Aboard adventure would start more than 9 years ago, when our first son was born. As his fascination and interest in the mighty mode of transportation grew from the beginning stages of Thomas to the HO and Lionel levels, so did ours.

We are a family living on Long Island, NY that believes your imagination, no matter what your age, can take you away to exciting places and on endless adventures. With our son as the “Director,” we have been Conductors, Engineers, Coal Tenders, Track Designers, Passengers and even Caribou (Reindeer) Herders! We’ve helped Gordon, Spencer and Emily work together, kept Diesel in his place and served hot chocolate. But most of all we’ve encouraged imagination! 

Give us a call to see what kind of adventure we can set up for your child's next party or play date.

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